Following Arnold's 6 Rules, this is a blog for Give something back.

Opensource community has contributed a lot of frameworks with which many of our projects can reuse the work contributed by the community. Thus helping organizations to get started right away from the place they left and helping not reinventing the wheel again and again.

I thought of giving back to the community a VM which can help a lot of newbie contributors to start contributing to projects right away. No painful prerequisite installs, version mismatch, etc.

Hadoop_Contributor_VM_Home_Page Image

Download VM File (3.5GB)

username = hadoop
password = hadoop

VM Image Description
  • CentOS 6.9
  • Oracle Java 1.8
  • Hadoop branch 2.8.1 clone
  • IntelliJ Idea Community Edition
  • File Size : 3.5GB
Building Source Code

Source code Location : /home/hadoop/Projects/OpenSource/hadoop

Go to the source code folder mentioned above and invoke below command to download dependencies and to create a binary distribution.

mvn package -Pdist -DskipTests -Dtar

In next few blogs, I'll describe how to use JIRA, apply patch and contribute back a patch, few notes on email mailing list, etc.

This document covers a great detail on how to Contribute -

Happy Contribution!

Feel free to put your comments. I'll be happy to hear your suggestions and comments.