Enabling search unleash great insights on the data you have. You also empower users to get to the right data what they are looking for.

I thought of exploring open source frameworks. Here are the two frameworks I plan to explore.

I started with [Elasticsearch Book](" target="_blank) by Clinton Gormley and Zachary Tong.

Before I reach the source code for how the framework is coded, I wanted to see how the system works as Black Box, also as naive user.

The [Getting Started - You know, for Search](" target="_blank) section is very simple. The author tried to keep things simple still demonstrating the power of search using Elasticsearch. The author used [Kibana](" target="_blank) to query Elasticsearch with simple Plugin called [Sense](" target="_blank).

[Kibana Guide](" target="_blank) can help you get on speed with Kibana by installing it. It's completely optional, and it's too simple to get started. I would recommend it's good to install. You will love the auto complete and Keyboard Shortcuts. It makes so easy than using CURL.

[Life Inside a Cluster](" target="_blank) will show how to check health of the cluster and replication mechanism. What happen when a node goes down and how to increase read throughput.

[Data In, Data Out](" target="_blank) lets you know about the details on CRUD operations, mget - Get multiple JSONs in one API Call, bulk load Documents in one call, and gotchas with Updates.

[Distributed Document Store](" target="_blank) is for advanced users. Go through this only if you want to know the internals of how elasticsearch operates.