Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. -Arthur Ashe

When I meet my friends, (former) colleagues and relatives who are studying or working, frequently ask suggestions or question on what can be done to be more successful. I thought to come up with my suggestion, so that I can refer them to this post instead of repeating my advice everytime. Also, making my suggestions open for the Internet.

There has been plenty of inspirational blogs over the Internet. Here I'll describe what are my thoughts which I have personally followed and seen it working. If you like it, share it with others who you think might be beneficial.

Rule #1 - Its all about time management

Time pyramid

This pyramid caught my attention couple years ago. Yes, I was a student at that time. But taught me that definitely I cannot have 3 things at any given period of time. One can choose only 2 for a given time period of achievement. Achievement can be either be Social or Get good grades.

You pick either you want to be social, or want to excel at work, or get better grade. Once you pick the goal, say being social and get enough sleep - you cannot whine for your poor performance in work or low grades. If you pick Good Grades and Enough Sleep. Don't whine on not having social life.

This just does not apply to college, but can be applied for work too.

My suggestion is to have good balance on both. It's very important to choose who you hangout with. They should respect and understand your priorities. I am lucky to have such kind of friends.

There are some round pegs in the square hole. They try to get Good Grade and maintain Social Life. I have tried it too. Better luck with your sleep :)

Rule #2 - Have ideals to follow

You should have ideals where you take positive advices, life decisions and patterns they follow. Don't plan to be like them exactly. Choose what you like about them based on your interest and try to include in your lifestyle and see the changes.

Here are my list of ideals on specific areas on my interest

  • Steve Jobs
  • Warren Buffett
  • Bill Gates
  • Jack Ma
  • Elon Musk

We learn a lot by seeing how these became ideals for many. Failures which taught them and made successful

Rule #3 - Follow good Youtube Channels

I follow few persons and channels on YouTube who are really putting efforts improving Indian Fitness, inspiring Indians. Also educational channels and book review channels

Invest 10 to 20mins in watching some motivational videos or audiobooks. Best time is immediately after you wake up - When your mind is clear and fresh. We human being need motivation every day to get back to track - also during times when things does not go as planned.

Rule #4 - Signup for Educational apps

There are free apps which help you learn new skills. These organizations has put lot of efforts in getting the content organized and content created by experts.

Free Apps

  • Coursera
  • EdX
  • Khan Academy

Note: Certification might cost you a little - but worth adding it to your LinkedIn achievements.

Paid Apps

  • Lynda
  • Safari Online

Rule #5 - Compounding Effect

One of my colleague suggested me to read this interesting book - The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Check this YouTube short video summary on this book. After reading this book, I have realized the power of compunding effect. You just need to have patience till the compounding effect kickstarts.

Rule #6 - Read more books

More books = More Wisdom

I used Rule #5 to implement Rule #6. Read 10 pages of a book everyday without fail. I was able to complete 1 book/month during busy schedule.

Great list of books to read can be found in Gates Notes Website

Be it Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. They always insist to read more books. Their hunger to read never die.

Rule #7 - Start Investing early

Again I applied Rule #5 - compounding effect when started investing. The effects of compounding was not much for first 10 months. 11th month onwards, I could see the compounding effect in action. Time will vary on the path we take for investment. But one need to invest some savings so that you can catch up the inflation and let money work for you.

Thanks to Sandeep Mehta for all his valuable suggestions.

Rule #8 - Avoid Distractions

You need to know what kills your time. Time is very precious and cannot be earned back. Its like someone allocates $86,400 every day - but nothing can be carry forwarded to next day. Where we invest is all up to us.

In this video Simon Sinek explains what's happening with Millennials. And this video on Mobile Phone Addiction.

Rule #9 - Give it back

Each one, teach one


I was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech. Especially his Rule #6.
I recommend to share what you learnt back to community. Be it your juniors, friends, colleagues, open source projects or non-profit organization.

Give it back can be done in many ways. You don't need money always to give it back.

  • You can write a post in LinkedIn, Blogspot or you can have a personal blog.
  • Help non-profits to raise money. Be it Wikipedia or Khan academy. You can always $10 or Rs.500 each year to support the bigger cause.
  • Help your juniors or freshers who join your company.

All the thoughts which are expressed here are my own. Please feel free to comment on improving this post. I'll be happy to incorporate those and improve this post so that this is helpful for others. Let's give it back to the community what we have learnt.